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We are Four04 a company with passion for elegant IT solutions and game development. We have an amazing team with diverse skills giving us the opportunity to engage and solve nearly all problems we encounter in development. We are located in Copenhagen, Denmark but that does not mean we cannot solve your problem just because you are somewhere else.

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What can we offer you?

Web Development

Our company are experts with a wide array of web development tools. This allows us to be very flexible and able to meet the demands of the customer. We are not only experienced in the basics such as HTML and CSS but also in several other frameworks. You can be sure we can make your website just like you want it!

Software Development

Four04 loves great software, that includes creating it too. In Four04 we set high standards for our software development, because we too know the joy of using a well crafted piece of software. We aim to share this feeling through all our software development projects.

Web Security

Everything needs security, and Four04 knows that. We do not compromise on security, after all private data were meant to be private. All our projects on the web have security, because all data is worth protecting.

Mobile Development

IT is more than computers. Phones and tables are an integral part of all our lives, and these devices need applications. We develop apps to all Android and IOS devices according to best practice methods. We can also integrate apps with your website or database, allowing us to make diverse and specialized apps.


Need some data stored reliably, securely and easily accessible? We can set up databases to reliably store all your data, protects them against unauthorized access all while still having them remain easily accessible for use.


Programming isnĀ“t all. At Four04 we plan and coordinate all of our projects through the internationally acknowledged methods of UML (Unified Modelling Language). Making it easy to collaborate with other programmers, this includes simplifying maintenance on our products.

Design and audio production

Audio and visuals are just as important as functionality. That is why we have a fantastic artistic team, able to work in with many different methods and more importantly different styles. This means we do everything from concept art, web design, 3D modelling and even our own sound. All made by experienced professionals.

Game development

Four04 has a game development department too. All of our game developers are highly passionate about gaming and wants to create great experiences for people with an interest in games. If this is something you are interested in, you should check out our entertainment department's own website.


We are providing pitch and match services online, as well as encouraging ideation and execution stage for potential and nascent entrepreneurs.
Respect All, Compete is a project that aims to increase diversity within Swedish esports by making it more open and welcoming. The tools for this are esports camps for youths, a nationwide code of conduct for esports and places for gamers to meet and train.

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